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Your Ultimate Guide to Securing a Seat in JEE

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Your Ultimate Guide to Securing a Seat in JEE

Securing a top rank in JEE is no less than a dream come true; after all, it is one of the most sought-after competitive exams in India. Every year lacs of students apply for JEE with big aspirations. However, only a few thousand are able to secure a seat in their dream college.

Over the years, the number of the students appearing for JEE has increased substantially and so has the competition. Hence, the common question that bothers young aspirants is – what is the ultimate way to secure a seat in JEE? Well, there’s no one way which will help you sail smoothly through JEE. While some study on their own, others apply for scholarship exams after 10th for better preparation. Overall, you will need to follow a well-planned guide and put all your dedication and hard work into motion. Read on to know more!

Start Early

Starting early is the first and most crucial step towards success. Therefore, as soon as you decide that JEE is your aim, begin your preparation.

And by beginning early, we mean you can take the first step even if you are in class 8. You may have heard of students who join reputed coaching institutes even when they are in class 8. This is the level of dedication that engineering aspirants have for JEE. Don’t worry if you realized your dream a bit later, there’s still a lot of time left for preparation. All you need to do now is stop procrastinating and begin your preparation from today onwards!

Check the Syllabus and Exam Pattern Thoroughly

No doubt that the syllabus of JEE is vast and time-consuming. Which is why it is always best to go through the subjects thoroughly and understand which topics you need to cover during your preparation.

In addition to this, you must also check the exam pattern to know the weightage of each topic. This will help you in preparing the timetable as per the weightage and your understanding of the topics. However, don’t leave any topic for the last minute. To assure an excellent rank, it is vital to achieve an equal command on all the subjects.

Get Good Guidance

In the words of Bo Sanchez – “Getting a Mentor is the shortcut to success.” So, if you are lucky enough to find great guide, you won’t need to worry much. Just follow their advice wholeheartedly, and you can secure a seat in JEE. That mentor can be anyone — be it your teacher, elder sibling or your senior. Various educational institutes offer coaching classes for JEE and help children conquer their dream with excellent guidance.

To secure a seat in JEE, you can also apply for Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE). By acing this scholarship exam, you can win up to 100% scholarship at Aakash Institute along with other monetary rewards. Even if you are searching for scholarship exams after 10th, you can apply for ANTHE, ace it and get guidance from Aakash faculty.

Don’t Forget Practice and Revision

Regular practice and revision are two of the essential habits you will need to adopt when preparing for JEE. These will help you get well-worsed with the topics so that you can solve the questions quickly and accurately. Time restriction is one of the major challenges that you will face in competitive exams. Thus, if you practice and revise well, you can answer all the questions in time.

For practice, you can solve various practice papers, mock tests and previous years’ papers on a regular basis. This will also help you in analysing your progress and chalk out the topics that need more practice. As far as revision is concerned, it will strengthen your memory which will be great in recollecting important concepts during the JEE exam.

Take Breaks and Focus on Health

As this is an ultimate guide, it also focuses on things such as health which are essential during the preparation period even though they are beyond academics. If you study continuously for hours, you will end up feeling exhausted and tired.

Insufficient breaks and a tired body can impact your health negatively which, in turn, can affect your preparation significantly. Thus, take regular breaks, indulge in fun activities and also eat healthy food. This will help you stay focused and energetic to give the best shot at the exam. One more thing you need to ensure is proper sleep as it can enhance your concentration power.

There’s no doubt that achieving a good rank in JEE is tough. However, if you follow the right path and prepare with immense dedication, even topping JEE is possible. So instead of being surrounded by doubts, start your preparation today and strive hard to achieve excellence. All the best!

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