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Technology for workplaces that work: Humanyze’s Ben Waber

Loknath Das January 25, 2019 Technology Comments Off on Technology for workplaces that work: Humanyze’s Ben Waber
Technology for workplaces that work: Humanyze’s Ben Waber

Image result for technology for workplaces that work: Humanyze Ben WaberDo open offices foster more collaboration, or just more frustration? Should managers encourage employees to telecommute, or is a scattered workforce less cohesive? The conventional wisdom on these issues swings like a pendulum, and for managers the only constant seems to be anxiety that they’re not getting it right. But new technology may offer some real answers. Ben Waber, a former MIT Media Lab doctoral student, is president and CEO of Humanyze, a Boston startup making software and sensors that give companies a better picture of how people actually work. He says the data the company gathers can predict employee performance and fuel a new form of “people analytics.”

This episode is sponsored by Citrix, the company powering the digital transformation inside organizations of all sizes. In the second half of the show, Citrix’s chief security strategist Kurt Roemer says technology can help sustain work environments and policies that serve workers of all backgrounds and needs.

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