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Are You Protected by Workers’ Compensation?

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Are You Protected by Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation insurance provides certain protections to both employees and their employer. For workers, the coverage offers medical benefits and wage replacement, and for employers, it protects against lawsuits by establishing a mandatory relinquishment of the employee’s right to sue. However, while an employee may not sue the employer, they can file a claim against the insurer if they feel a denial of coverage was unjust. Although, awareness of your coverage is essential before making such an accusation, especially with a lawsuit.

Coverages and Protections

A work injury lawyer hillsboro or may go into greater detail based on your specific claim, but standard workers’ comp covers most injuries deemed work-related. Now, that does not mean that you sustained injuries on the work premises or even during regular work hours. If an injury occurs during a work lunch, coverage may apply. The insurance applies as long as the injury occurred during your employment and while completing a task on behalf of your employer. Although, a workers’ compensation attorney can help determine the legitimacy of your claim.

Employment Status

Working for a company does not automatically cover you if injured, regardless of where or how the injury happened. There are strict definitions of employee, and some provide greater protections than others. To receive coverage under a workers’ compensation policy, your employer must define your role as an “employee.” If labeled an independent contractor, a domestic worker, seasonal worker, an undocumented worker or agricultural laborer, you may not receive protection under a compensation policy.

Workers’ compensation policies are protective, but they are also complex, with a variety of regulations, restrictions and definitions. Therefore, if you feel you have a strong compensation claim, contact a local work injury attorney to discuss the potential and specifics of your claim. Do not rush into legal action without first understanding where you stand.

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