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How to prepare Mathematics for IIT-JEE

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How to prepare Mathematics for IIT-JEE

Joint Entrance Exam or JEE is an all India level engineering entrance examination conducted for granting admissions into various undergraduate courses offered at highly prestigious engineering institutions in India. For scoring well in this exam, the students need to pay equal attention and time in all the three subjects i.e. Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Mainly due to the vastness of IIT JEE syllabus and the level of difficulty, Mathematics is considered as one of the toughest among all the other three subjects and most of the students find it difficult to score well in this section. Some of the tips that could help you to prepare well for JEE Mathematics section are discussed below:

Practice Every Day:

Practice makes a man perfect and mathematics is all about formulas and its practice. Prepare a list of important formulas and revise them on a regular basis. Solve several numbers of problems related to any particular topic. While preparing for any exam, the sections of the book play a major role. Never solve problems related to the same topic from multiple books at the beginning, because that might confuse you. Try to focus more on concepts taught in NCERT textbooks.

Time management:

For scoring well in JEE Exams, you need to manage your time properly. You should always begin with easy questions first and with this approach, you could easily solve the maximum number of questions in a shorter period of time. This would certainly improve your chances of scoring more marks with less negative markings.

Some of the important topics that you should focus on while preparing for JEE Mathematics:


Algebra is one of the easiest and highest scoring units in JEE Mathematics section. Some of the topics like Binomial Theorem, Sequence and Series, Matrices and determinants and Quadratic equations are quite interesting, easy to understand and formula based, making it much easier for students to fetch maximum marks from this section. However, questions from this section demand a good computation speed and a strong conceptual clarity. Therefore, you need to practice as many questions as you can, so that you will be able to easily solve questions from algebra in the exam.


Calculus is the most important topic for both JEE Mains and JEE Advanced because of its weightage and vastness. Several questions could be expected from this section in both the phases of the JEE Exam. If you prepare this unit well then you don’t need to worry much about Mathematics in JEE. Therefore, you need to practice a lot and prepare well for this section. You should pay more attention to certain topics like Limits and Continuity, Differentiation, Integration, Definite Integrals, Differential Equations and Area under curves.

Coordinate Geometry:

It is about understanding some geometrical shapes like Circle, Ellipse, Parabola, Straight lines, and Hyperbola. By several students, coordinate geometry is rated as one of the most scoring and easy units in the JEE mathematics syllabus. Prepare and practice well for this unit and try to understand these geometrical shapes through visualization.


Trigonometry is an important part of JEE Mathematics syllabus and every year around 4 to 5 questions are asked from Trigonometry in both the JEE exams. While preparing this unit, memorize all the important formulas, focus more on inverse trigonometry & trigonometric ratios and try to understand the trigonometric functions through their graphs.

If you will prepare the above-mentioned topics efficiently then definitely you could score well in JEE Mathematics section. The more you practice and solve different types of problems, the faster you can crack difficult questions asked in IIT JEE Mathematics section. You should be more focused on learning various Mathematics tricks and shortcuts for quick calculations in highly competitive exams like JEE. Simply, by just changing your approach towards this subject would make you realize how interesting the Mathematics is!

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