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Options Aside From An Enclosed Machine

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Options Aside From An Enclosed Machine

If your doctor has ordered an MRI, then it’s usually because there is something of a concern that can’t be seen by using other medical exams. One of the options that many facilities have is an open MRI scanner, which offers numerous benefits for patients compared to an enclosed scanner that can sometimes make it difficult for certain types of patients. An open scanner is one that provides comfort for almost every type of patient because they are not in a confined space. Patients who are claustrophobic or simply don’t enjoy being in tight spaces will enjoy the open layout of the table as they are able to easily see what is taking place around them instead of guessing as to what is happening in the room.

Another benefit is that an open scanner can accommodate people of all sizes. It can sometimes be difficult for people who are obese to comfortably fit in an enclosed machine, which can hinder the results that the doctor is looking for in order to provide proper treatment for the patient. The open system also benefits those who might have handicaps or those who are elderly and are unable to move as well as other patients and find that it’s difficult to comfortably lay on the table of a traditional scanner. Those who have a wheelchair or other devices that make it difficult to use an enclosed machine will find that it’s easier to get onto the table instead of trying to maneuver around other devices and the enclosure.

Children sometimes get anxious about medical equipment. They can become fearful of what an enclosed MRI machine might do, which is why an open scanner is beneficial for children. A nurse or a parent can stay with the child as well, offering more comfort for the child instead of leaving the child alone in the room.

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