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International weekend getaways: The new travel trend

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International weekend getaways: The new travel trend

With the rise in the incomes of the workforce in India, there has been a notable shift in taking more breaks as opposed to the yearly vacations. There is a trend to take many small breaks over the course of a year. More notably, the number of people crossing international borders for their break from their routine has increased. International weekend getaways are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. In fact, a survey reports that every year, more than 5.4 million Indians go abroad to conduct business, attend meetings, study, sight-see, shop, honeymoon and primarily to visit friends and relatives.

More exposure

With the advent of technology, the people have more access to options and know well in advance what they are looking for. Most countries have a standard what to expect, what to do list that makes them less hesitant to book that international flight. Especially places like Dubai are seen to be favourites among the Indian population. For instance, check Hyderabad to Dubai flight ticket price at yatra and you will observe that the frequency of the flights is proof of the great demand.

Better experiences

The concept that travel, in itself, enhances experience has gained momentum in India. There is a rise in the number of people looking for unique experiences. These are your everyday office goers who are looking to seek adventures on their off days, and with the rise in the income of the people, international destinations are preferred as opposed to places within the country.

Work-life balance

WIth the rise of awareness and education about maintaining a healthy work-life balance, professionals are looking to spend quality time with their families and friends. These particular segment has contributed majorly to the globe trotting trend as people in high positions get to travel abroad for work but are unable to take in the sights. Thus, they look to coming back with their families having been exposed to the place.

Rise in the NRI population

The weekend getaways are aided by the fact that, in some cases, most Indians only have to spend on the travel and per diem allowances as their stay is arranged with a relative of a friend. The rise in the number of Indians settled abroad has also increased familiarity with unknown destinations providing the cushion against risks. In fact, with more than 20 million Indians settled abroad, the traffic towards international destinations is growing by 25%.

Low-cost options

In the age of low-cost airlines and affordable accommodation choices, it becomes easier for people to not burn a hole in their pockets when they think of international getaways. There are some options available to the average Indian to travel abroad on a budget, check Hyderabad to Dubai flight ticket price at yatrato see the various options that this travel giant has picked for your next journey. There is also an increase in hostels, house swaps and cheap home stays that allow even the younger generation to travel the world easily.

Easier connectivity

With options like Dubai, Maldives and Thailand on almost everyone’s itinerary, the service providers have also picked up on the trend and are providing more frequent flights to accommodate the rise in the number of travellers. It is no longer a matter of concern for the flier to book at the last minute due to the number of options available thus making flying out as convenient as travelling within the country.

With the outbound traffic on the rise, we will see no dearth of Indians looking for a weekend getaway to any place on the map. With greater connectivity and better services, it has certainly given a boost to those looking to discover the world one weekend at a time.

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