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Why Does My Ice Smell and Taste bad?

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Why Does My Ice Smell and Taste bad?

Water does not typically have a taste and odor when coming out of the tap unless there is a problem. There are times that adding ice cubes to a drink from the freezer can add a funky flavor or odor that makes you set the drink to the side. Below are the reasons behind this phenomenon and how you can easily fix it.

What Are Bad Odors In Ice?

Ice that is allowed to sit for long periods of time in the freezer can take on some of the odors that lurk in the appliance. It can offer an odd and bad smell or taste when you go to use a few cubes. The main problem stems from infrequent refrigerator cleaning and allowing ice to sit for too long without being consumed.

Change the Water Filter

There could be an odor that is coming to your refrigerator from your water source. It may be time to change the filter on your refrigerator. This should clear up any odors or flavors that are originating from your water tap. The water filters are due to be changed every few months anyway, depending on the frequency of use.

Dump Old Ice and Clean Bin

You may need to start from scratch and make a new batch of ice if it has been sitting for too long. Turn off the ice maker by moving the bar and pull out the bin. Dump out the old ice and wash this bin with warm water and a few sprinkles of baking soda for odor elimination. Rinse the bin and allow it to dry. Place it back in the freezer and turn the ice maker back to the “on” position.

Clean and Deodorize Freezer

Pull all items out of the freezer to give it a deep clean and deodorizing if it has been a while. All you really need to do is wipe the surface with warm water and baking soda, rinse and place everything back in the freezer. You can use a mild dish soap on areas of spills. This may be where odors are emanating from.

Remove Any Spoiled Food In Freezer

There are times that food can go bad in the freezer. If there have been items frozen for long periods of time, toss them out. The chances are they are not edible anymore. Any meats that were close to expiration dates when frozen, yet remain for months should get thrown out.

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