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Home beautiful: Be monsoon ready!

Loknath Das July 21, 2017 Home Deco Comments Off on Home beautiful: Be monsoon ready!
Home beautiful: Be monsoon ready!

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When summer comes, monsoon is never far behind. It’s beginning to rain, and soon it will be monsoon. But monsoon need not be all about damp and gloomy days. There are many things you can splurge on to sparkle up your days before the rain hits and dark clouds loom over. As it may not be wise to venture out on flooded roads, if you are not working, you may end up spending a lot of time at home. So, change the decor of the house. Brighten up your place and make it a real home-beautiful-home.

Here are few home decor tips by experts. Add some bright colours and make a few changes to the place to make it a real cosy one.

Paint the walls anew with your favourite colour. You can repaint the entire house. Or, if you don’t want to take a plunge, splash a new colour on just one wall of a room and see the feel-good change.

Change the curtains and upholstery. Choose bright colours. Or, if you don’t want a big change simply change the cushion covers with new ones – a mix of bright colours or brightly printed ones. Change the bed linen too. Put away the drab ones. Try to match and blend the colours of new furnishings with that of the ceilings, walls and floors.

Change the wall hangings. Keep away those earthy and grey paintings. Put up some pictures or framed paintings in bright hues.

Change the lampshades. Pick up some bright shades for the monsoon and replace the old beige or creamy ones with bright yellow or red shades. Multi-colour shades looks pretty and trendy.

Green up the room: A green corner space in the house is always liven up the place any time of the year. Change dark corners of the house with fresh green potted plants. Place the pots in decorative coloured or ceramic containers.

Light up the place with warm fragrant lights and candles in the corner or center of the rooms.

A dash of floral: Always add a dash of floral something to the decor of a house. It could be a small or big bowl or vase or a wall piece. It gives a soft and gentle effect to the ambience of a house.

Now, colour up the house, keep it sparkling clean and brightly beautiful.




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