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Here’s How Online MBA Courses Are Changing The Landscape Of Education

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Here’s How Online MBA Courses Are Changing The Landscape Of Education

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Online MBA courses are steadily gaining a foothold in a world dominated almost exclusively by influential B-schools. These MBAs are a modern spin on distance MBAs—a much-needed spin.

As technology grows, its influence in the field of education grows as well and correspondence courses are making a comeback in a new avatar.

Evolution Of The Online MBA

During the early 2000s, traditional MBA colleges like XLRI, ISB, and the IIM catered to students who wanted to make a foray into the world of business. They offered the best education in India and spurred the growth of influential personalities like RamachandraGuha, RaghuramRajan, and IndraNooyi. But these institutes only catered to full-time students and not working professionals who wanted to add to their skills while still working.

As smart technology improved, online MBAs began to pick up steam and integrated themselves into the world of education to help millions of working professionals in the country.

Virtual Learning Environments

One no longer needs to sit in a classroom to earn their MBA. MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) institutes have been making use of the internet to conduct classes using pre-recorded lectures, video conferences, and online tests, reaching a much larger audience than distance learning has been able to before. People from remote areas, who were inadvertently marginalised earlier, can now get quality education at their convenience.

Better Delivery Methods

Conventional courses have been following the method of constant submission of assignments based on the curriculum. Online courses follow this model as well, making turning in assignments a must, as part of the process. For instance, if you sign up for an online MBA in marketing, you’ll have to submit assignments on the topics allocated to you in order to earn your degree.

This way, online MBA courses are slowly beginning to win over the largely remote masses and changing the way education is delivered.

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