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Heal in the shade of the lamp

Loknath Das July 21, 2017 Home Deco Comments Off on Heal in the shade of the lamp
Heal in the shade of the lamp

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Do you remember the song of long ago, The Lamp Lighting Time by Marty Robbins?

There’s a lamp shining bright in a cabin
In a window it’s shinin’ for me
And I know that my mother is prayin’
For the boy she is longing to see…

The song takes you to an old wooden cabin far away, somewhere in the cold mountain, cosy and quiet, where a mother whispers a sweet prayer for her son in the solace and dim light of a small lamp. She waits wishfully for him who, perhaps, wandered away, to return home.

Towards the end, this meaningful song talks about the light of the lamp that will guide the boy wherever he goes.

Quiet, soothing and nostalgia, such is the feel and effect that the light of a lamp gives to the souls around.

But a lantern or a lamp are things of the good old days, though they are often used in traditional interior designs. Today, we live under bright lights, and we use electrified lamps as luxury items to beautify a place. It not only beautify a place, small or big, it also provides a soothing effect to the eyes and mind. Not only living houses and hotels, many work places too have them.

Today, as designs and luxury take over modern living, the market is flooded with beautiful lamps and shades in various sizes, patterns, makes and designs.

Do up your house with designer lights and shades. Look for the ones that will suit your decor. Place those lampshades in a corner of your living room or on the bedside tables. Or, go for the wall shades. Turn out the bright lights and switch on the lamps. Sit back or lie low and enjoy the beauty and healing effects it gives. Let the dim rays be your guiding light as you relax or kneel down to pray in the shade of the lamp. Sleep peacefully and dream beautiful dreams.




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