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Gurujam, tigers and friendship lessons: social media buzz

Saheli July 29, 2016 News Comments Off on Gurujam, tigers and friendship lessons: social media buzz


If you thought renaming Gurgaon to Gurugram was funny, the citizens of the area had another option in mind – especially after Thursday evening’s downpour.

 The traffic nightmare due to waterlogging in the Millennium City was so bad that some commuters were stuck since Thursday evening. Some reached home only in the wee hours of Friday morning.
Meanwhile, Bengaluru residents were sympathetic. NOT.

International Tiger Day

July 29 is celebrated as International Tiger Day, with a view to bring awareness to declining tiger numbers around the world.


Forget expensive birthday presents and rings with diamonds as big as your head – nothing can beat this.

Norway is considering giving Finland an entire mountain as a present for the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence from Russia, notes The Independent.

“The arctic summit of the mountain Halti is currently on the Norwegian side of the border between the two Scandinavian countries, and stands at 1,365m above sea level.

The Norwegian Prime Minister is considering granting Finland the top of the mountain, which would become the country’s new highest peak, by moving a national boundary in that area by around 40 metres,” writes The Independent.Hope England is listening to this. *coughKohinoorcough*

[Source:- The Hindu]

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