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How to Get Into Shape and Live Healthier This Summer

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How to Get Into Shape and Live Healthier This Summer

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Summer is an excellent time to begin a new healthier lifestyle. This can include losing excess weight, increasing activity levels with exercise and eating healthier. With the longer summer days and warmer temperatures, it is easier to get motivated for an outdoor activity. This could be joining a sports team, signing up for dance classes or simply getting together with a friend for after dinner walks. The key is to implement positive changes without stressing yourself out. Small efforts to improve health really do make a positive difference.

Easy Ways to Get Active This Summer

Becoming more active this summer doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Take advantage of fun summer activities that you enjoy to increase your overall activity level. If there is a beach nearby, consider making it a point to walk or run along the shore. Find a local park and take your dog or kids out for some games and fun exercise. Alternately, simply walking more can improve muscle tone and increase your endurance level. On hotter days, consider swimming or enjoying a cool air-conditioned gym.

Make an Effort to Eat Healthier

Make an effort to eat healthier, and it is a good idea to start with a nutritious breakfast. Not getting in this daily fuel meal can leave your body tired and prone to snacking on unhealthy items. Make a point to plan your breakfasts. Pay attention the the proportion of the meal servings. Eating low-fat cereal with low-fat milk in the morning can give your body energy to stay alert and active. Eat healthier lunches, and if stopping for fast food, pick salads or other healthier selections. Incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, and buy from your local farmer’s market to save money and support your farming community. Try to limit eating heavier items after 6 P.M. Substitute healthier food and beverage choices wherever possible. Get your whole family eating better for added encouragement. Keep meals fun for kids, and allow them to help with food preparation. Kids are more likely to eat what they have helped make.

Consider Taking Natural Diet Aids and/or Vitamins and Supplements

There are some awesome natural diet aid products and healthy vitamins and supplements on the market. Research nearby or online health food retailers for the best selections. Drop into your local health food store, or visit for diet tablets online or another similar retailer to purchase diet products or other healthy mineral, vitamin or supplement selections for less. There are some wonderful choices that these retailers already have ready for easy customized health product options. If fatigued often, look for products that ease and promote rest and increase daytime energy like vitamin B supplements. If anxious, choose calming herbal teas or other products and use near bedtime for a healthy way to wind down in the evening without resorting to addictive prescription medicines.

Get Plenty of Sleep, and Make Exercise Times Fun

Many people mess up in summer by not getting the proper amount of sleep necessary for good health. This should go along with eating balanced meals to fully appreciate the health benefits. Going to bed hungry can make your liver and other body parts trigger an increase in insulin levels. Eat a healthy low calorie snack before bedtime. Ensure that you have a wind down time prior to going to sleep. Keep televisions, laptops and phones out of the bedroom. Use soothing relaxation methods like aromatherapy, dimmed lighting and comfortable bedroom temperature. Avoid watching high-stress type television shows or movies before bed. Put on some calming music, and wear comfortable nightclothes for better sleep. These simple measures can promote better health this summertime season.

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