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Eight Ways To Beat Jet Lag

Loknath Das July 6, 2017 Health Comments Off on Eight Ways To Beat Jet Lag
Eight Ways To Beat Jet Lag

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1. Stay awake

If you arrive at your destination and it’s still daylight there, try to resist the temptation to nap. If you must nap, force yourself to get up before the sun sets. Splash cold water on your face and head outside for some fresh air.

2. Make a plan

Go out with friends – this will give you an incentive to resist cuddling back into that warm, inviting bed. They will be eager to see you. Don’t let them down.

3. Exercise

As counterintuitive as it may seem, nothing wakes the body up more than a good 30-45 minutes of heart-pumping cardio action. If you work out during the day, when night-time comes you will have a much more restful sleep.

4. Drink lots of water

And that means LOTS. The urge to go to the bathroom often naturally helps you stay awake.

5. Eat light

But be sure to consume enough to fuel your body. Heavy meals rich in carbohydrates will make you want to sleep, so pass on the pasta, bagels and ice cream. High-fibre foods such as apples and peanut butter will give you energy (and prevent constipation).

6. Drink coffee

As much as you like but if you want it sweet, use a sugar substitute so you don’t take in excessive carbohydrates. And avoid coffee in the few hours before bedtime (local time).

7. Have fun

Do something you love. Staying awake is a mental activity so talk on the phone, email a friend, dance, garden, cook, shop – doing enjoyable activities will distract you from your physical exhaustion.

8. Avoid sedentary activity

Reading or watching TV are likely to make you fall asleep. Stick with activities that involve both your body and your mind.




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