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The Best Features You Need for a Hay Spear

admin December 15, 2018 News Comments Off on The Best Features You Need for a Hay Spear
The Best Features You Need for a Hay Spear

People buying a tractor supply hay spear have a lot of options when purchasing, and most of the considerations to keep in mind are quality-related. Being able to harvest hay as efficiently as possible makes a difference when producing a hay crop for profit. If you’re relatively new to growing hay, it always helps to know what to look for when purchasing hay spears.

Construction Quality Matters

Buyers who want a tractor supply hay spear will want to look for heavy-duty construction. Any tool that is used for moving more massive loads with great frequency needs to be able to hold up under pressure. Forged heat treatments help provide the type of durability that these implements need to withstand heavy use.

Easy Attachment and Removal

Two other features you want to look for include easy attachments and removal. The quicker it takes to get the spear on, the faster you can get started moving loads. When removal is just as easy, you can easily store the attachment when not in use.

Extra Height Options

A useful feature to keep in mind is a topper that can be used for extra height. These attachments make it easier to move and load larger bales without problems. The toppers that most companies provide can be built to custom heights to suit most needs.

Looking for Warranty Options

A warranty is always helpful for significant equipment purchases. When a guarantee is involved, you’ll have the assurance that a replacement is available without additional costs to you. Certain careless uses of hay spears can void warranties, however, so you want to make sure you know the terms and conditions at purchase time.

Buying a hay spear or other types of farm equipment to make your job more accessible is a wise investment. If you look for good quality as one of your primary concerns, you’ll have a great chance of getting the results you want.

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