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The Benefits Of Digital Dictation

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The Benefits Of Digital Dictation

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In this day and age, it is ludicrous that there are still people who are using tape-based dictation machines. One of the biggest problems with these types of machines is that the tapes are used over and over again and eventually become worn and stretched. This results in partial or complete loss of data. If what you are putting on those tapes is truly important, then this is a risk which cannot be taken.

It only makes sense that anyone who needs dictation performed use digital dictation software such as voicescribe. By using software, the transcription is available immediately. There is no more waiting for a several day turnaround waiting for a traditional dictation service to transcribe the notes.

Studies have shown that the error rate suffered by voice recognition is far less than that the human ear is prone to. When it comes to medical or legal transcriptions, this reduction in error can be a matter of life or death, or the loss of someone’s freedom. If a company is found to have been using a transcription that had one or more errors, you can be sure that lawsuits will follow.

Instead of relying on the expertise of a transcriptionist to type everything out, they can simply review the report after the software has generated it. This results in a great reduction in costs for any company using this type of software.

Voice recognition software can also be programmed to route any messages or dictated reports directly to the server. This means no more lost paperwork or worn tapes such as was common in the early days of transcribing medical or legal reports.

When using voice recognition software, employees can be put to better use and their talents can be more fully exploited. Why pay an employee an hourly wage or a salary along with benefits to do a job that software can do quicker and better.

As you can see, voice recognition software is the way to go when it comes fully being able to take control of all transcribed material relevant to the business.

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