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6 things you should stop being embarrassed about at the gym

Loknath Das August 2, 2017 Health Comments Off on 6 things you should stop being embarrassed about at the gym
6 things you should stop being embarrassed about at the gym

stop getting embarrassed at gym

Going to the gym can be a nerve-wracking experience for some of us, especially if it is our first time and we have enrolled in a swanky gym. There are times we all feel out of place or awkward. But you need to get it out of your head and focus on your goal. Here are few things you must stop being embarrassed about at the gym:

Your body: Stop being embarrassed because you are heavier than others at the gym. They all may have undergone a transformation just like you would in few months. Instead of getting intimidated by the lean and fit people at the gym, get motivated and inspired to reach your goals. Read: Common gym problems and their solutions.

Trying new machines: Even if it is not your first time, it is not a mandate that you know how to use each machine at the gym like a pro. In fact, if you try that without an expert’s help, in the beginning, there’s a risk of injury. The others who move from one machine to another without help may be doing so past few weeks. You’ll get there so don’t be embarrassed even if it takes a couple of weeks for you to get a hang of it. Read: 10 expert tips for first-timers at the gym.

Your clothes: It’s not a fashion parade or a fashion runway. As long as your clothes are neat and make you feel comfortable, you don’t need to be conscious about them. Wearing high-end brands won’t really expedite your weight loss. So be confident in what you wear instead of comparing and feeling embarrassed. Read: How to choose the right workout clothes.

Dealing with strangers: Not everyone at the gym is friendly. Some might even be outright rude and snooty. There’s nothing wrong with you, that’s how some people are. Be courteous and if people aren’t friendly that perfectly fine. You’re not going there to make friends, are you? Here are some exercises you can do in the gym while you wait.

Lack of stamina: If the person next to you is doing 15 reps and you start panting in 4, that’s alright. Don’t push yourself to compete with others. Improve your performance daily and gradually. Your trainer will ensure you build enough stamina in a couple of weeks to match up or even perform better than others. Don’t try to show off your stamina if your knees are wriggling and can’t take it.

Looking good: Some women come with a lot of makeup and don quite a few accessories too. Some have great skin and look fab even without makeup. But do not let that make you feel low. Once you start working out and taking care of your body, you’ll glow too. Be yourself and focus on workouts .




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