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3 Things To Remember When Replacing Wall Sockets

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3 Things To Remember When Replacing Wall Sockets

Replacing an old wall socket is a fairly easy process, even for a beginner. With a couple of hand tools and some attention to detail, You can replace a wall socket for a couple of bucks, in a couple of minutes.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind while working with electricity is SAFETY. Make sure you have cut the power to the socket you’re replacing. Once you’ve made sure of this, make sure again. Now remove the faceplate, mounting screws, and the old socket. Now is a good time to check out the pre-existing work. Make sure the wires are clean and properly exposed. Clean out any dirt or debris around the box, and make sure there is no insulation encroaching on the wiring. Make any adjustments necessary to ensure a level and flush installment.

The second thing to focus on is the quality of your work. Make sure you have clean connections. Make sure your wiring is correct. The best way to achieve quality work is with quality tools. Invest in good equipment like screwdrivers, wire cutters, and testers, and you’ll produce better results. Now make sure the wires are clean and connect them to the new socket. Mount socket into position with mounting screws and replace faceplate over the socket.

The third thing to remember is to double check everything. After each step is complete, go back through the step and check your work. Remember the old adage “work smart, not hard”. As mentioned before, a quality tester, like the P-FINN polarity tester, will make all the difference in your work. A polarity test will make sure that your positive and negative terminals are correct in a DC system, or that your Line and Neutral terminals are correct in an AC system. Making sure the flow of the current is correct will ensure a properly functioning socket while keeping your home, and everything in it, safe.

Following these steps will save time and money for you and your family. Just remember to stay safe, use quality products, and double check that your electricity is cut off.

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